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Life is beautiful and amazing, but sometimes crazy and messy

“I just want some nice photos of my family, but my husband/wife/partner HATES photo shoots” 


“I love having nice photos of my family, but coordinating outfits is so stressful”


“I just want an amazing photo shoot with my family, but I don’t think my kids can cooperate for a full hour”


-parents everywhere

I totally understand this, my husband is not a huge fan of photo shoots and my children are the MOST uncooperative during photo shoots… I mean seriously, you’d think as a photographer all of my photos of my kids would be amazing, but I get a whole lot of this from my kids:

Headshot portrait of a child
Family at the Seaport in Boston, MA

You may be surprised to know that coordinating outfits stresses me out too… I mean, coordinating my own outfits on a daily basis stresses me out. With my years of experience in photography, I’ve learned a trick or two about managing all of these concerns! 

Headshot Photography in Holliston, Massachusetts
Family photo session with a mom and baby

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