“I just want some nice photos of my family, but my husband/wife/partner HATES photo shoots” 


“I love having nice photos of my family, but coordinating outfits is so stressful”


“I just want an amazing photo shoot with my family, but I don’t think my kids can cooperate for a full hour”


-parents everywhere

I totally understand this, my husband is not a huge fan of photo shoots and my children are the MOST uncooperative during photo shoots… I mean seriously, you’d think as a photographer all of my photos of my kids would be amazing, but I get a whole lot of this from my kids:

Family at the Seaport in Boston, MA
Headshot portrait of a child
Headshot Photography in Holliston, Massachusetts

You may be surprised to know that coordinating outfits stresses me out too… I mean, coordinating my own outfits on a daily basis stresses me out (LOL). With my years of experience in photography, I’ve learned a trick or two about managing all of these concerns! 

- For the spouses/partners/kids that aren't a fan of cooperating for photo shoots - we absolutely don't need to use the whole hour for the session! While the hour is ideal, to ensure we capture all the memories, we can definitely accomplish it in a shorter time if that's what your family needs! 


- To alleviate the stress of coordinating outfits, I have a style guides and am always available to consult on outfit choices

- If you're nervous about your kids cooperation, by using prompts and lifestyle photography, your family is able to relax, engage with each other, and create memories during your session, while I capture amazing images

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Family photo session with a mom and baby

Hi! I'm Sarah! I'm so glad you're here! Let me tell you a little about myself. I was born & raised in Holliston, MA and after 12 years living closer to Boston with my husband, we decided to make our way back to my hometown. We love this little community so much and I love building relationships within my community. I'm married to my "high school sweetheart" (we didn't actually go to high school together, but met while I was still in high school). We have two amazing (and wild) little boys and they keep me on my toes and laughing all day. I love reading, being with friends and being with my family. I love taking walks with my kids in nature and seeing the world through their eyes. I'm a former corporate accountant and have a deep love for spreadsheets. I am equally socially awkward and outgoing (weird combo, I know). I grew up with a love for art, and after years of accounting, I found my way to photography. I have a passion for capturing the amazing moments in life with my camera and can't wait to chat with you about your photography needs.

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Children at a barn in Medway, MA