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Here we go! It's my first blog post

I thought it would be appropriate for my first blog post to be about the first session that I did in 2017 when I decided to start focusing more on starting a photography business. I had booked a few sessions to start building my portfolio and I was so nervous for my first one. I remember that it was raining the morning of the session, and I ended up being early and driving by the house on purpose, so I didn't just sit in my car in front of my client's house for too long!! It was the first session I was ever doing for essentially a stranger, we had connected through a local mom group on Facebook when I posted about needing clients for portfolio building sessions. We had emailed with each other, but hadn't met in person. I had done other sessions before, but always for clients that I was friendly with.

I was going to a client's home to photograph 9 month old twin boys. Walking into the session, I was so nervous. I had been communicating with my client for weeks and while the family was wonderful and welcomed me into their home, I was still feeling so nervous about someone trusting me enough to actually pay me for taking photos - what if I wasn't good enough? I, of course, had photographed my own child all the time, but I had no idea what it would be like trying to work with someone else's children, when they didn't know me. I was worried that I wouldn't end up with enough pictures to deliver to my client.

As soon as I met P&E, all of my fears melted away. These two little guys were just the most adorable, blonde haired, blue eyed twins and they had such personalities! And just like our communication prior to the session, my client was very laid back and was totally fine with just letting her boys play around the house and me following, snapping pics as we went.

I took hundreds of photos, because I didn't want to miss any little moment that might look amazing on camera. I did end up delivering a good amount of files to my client, but don't think both of the boys are looking at the camera in any of the pictures where they are together, sometimes one of them is looking, but in most of them they're looking at something together.

I've grown a lot in my journey this year and originally the fact that I didn't get a portrait of the boys both looking at the camera really bothered me, but I've since realized that being able to capture two siblings interacting together and just being brothers is an equally valuable moment to capture! I learned so much in this one session, about myself and about what it's like working with clients. I'm so thankful for these early days of my journey, as they help me remember where I was and how far I've come.

Thanks for stopping by! I would love to share more about my experiences over this past year with you, so check back for more posts!!

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