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Pop Up Farmers Market

A few weekends ago, I had the opportunity to practice some photography that was outside of my comfort zone. It's kind of weird, but not so much with things that can't talk back :) I try to practice whenever I can because I love expanding my photography toolkit! It was also giving me the opportunity to play with my new camera before needing to use it for a session. When I found out my Mom and Aunt were going to be vendors at a Pop Up Farmers Market in town, I decided I'd offer to go for part of the event and take some photos for them that they could both use for their own marketing purposes. The good news for me was, there would at least be people at the event, which is right in my wheelhouse. The tough part was knowing that I needed to do some product photography, which isn't in my wheelhouse. In the end, I think it went better than I expected. 

It was the first time this particular venue hosted a Farmers Market, but it was on a day in Holliston, MA called Farm Day - so many people were out and about in town hoping to support our local farmers. The event ended up being a huge hit and tons of people were there! My Mom and my Aunt are both crafters, and their tabled stayed pretty busy all day. They had some great stuff. A big hit of the day was some of the Boston themed items my Aunt brought with her - she makes these awesome key fobs and change purses made with Boston Sports logos! I just love them! 

My Mom is a paper crafter and had some amazing hand made cards, they are all such fun designs and some have so much detail - it's amazing! Can you believe she never makes the same card twice? She loves coming up with new unique designs. She also had a board full of magnets, at first I thought she purchased them and was doing a resale thing, but after closer inspection, I noticed most of them were made by her (with her awesome paper skills)! 

 Ever since I was little, I remember my mom having this amazing way of putting gifts together - they always had a theme and were well put together. She now uses her crafting skills to help others do that. This adorable little bag and tag is perfect for a bottle of wine! It even comes with the ribbon and tags, which I thought would make a great gift to bring along to a Halloween party, don't you?

I thought these little match books and boxes (which come with a life saver or chocolate kiss) would be a cute thing to have if you're hosting a Halloween party... or even for your desk at work during the month of October. 

 My Aunt has always been really crafty - she's made me all kinds of things (too many to list here, but they're all amazing and use her sewing skills). One of the many amazing things she's made me is a cosmetic bag! They are so great, it holds SO much stuff in it (I don't wear a ton of makeup, but it fits everything I need and more!) She always finds such amazing fabric prints, like the dragonfly or beachy bags below!

She recently starting hanging out with my mom more, and has expanded her crafting to paper crafts. This little wedding card is one of my favorites! I love the little bride and groom and the details like the flowers and their hair! 

You can see more of my Mom's paper creations on her blog Merely Creating - she shares her unique designs and gives you a little detail on how she made it! It's fascinating and makes me think she must have the patience of a saint (I mean, she did raise 3 kids, so we kind of already knew that).

If you're interested in purchasing any of my Aunt's amazing work, check out her Etsy shop, HB Designs. She has a variety of her designs up on her page there!

I had a ton of fun doing this, I think it's really important to step outside of your comfort zone every now and then and show yourself what you can do! 

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