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Expecting a baby?

If you're expecting a baby, you may want to consider having some maternity photos taken. I've had two recent maternity sessions where the mother was expecting her second child and it really made me rethink my decision not to have maternity photos during my first pregnancy (not that I can change that now, but definitely something I'll consider doing the next time). This is your opportunity to document those last few months of being pregnant - in this case, it was the last time they documented only having one child, which seems so special to me.

Being pregnant is one of those things that, as a mother, made me so amazed with what the human body can accomplish. Anyone who knows me well, knows I was NOT the most pleasant pregnant lady, but I can definitely appreciate the beauty of creating a life. I felt so honored to be able to capture these mamas with their first little one in their final stages of pregnancy. You could tell in both sessions, the older sibling was both excited and a little hesitant about gaining a little brother or sister!

Maternity sessions can be formal sessions or lifestyle sessions, or even a combination of both. They can be done both indoors or outdoors, indoor maternity sessions tend to be more intimate and outdoor maternity sessions can be both intimate and fun. You can have them done with your family, just your little ones, or even by yourself. It's really up to you. My goal of a maternity session is to make that mama feel as beautiful as possible.

I want my clients to be as natural as possible, whether the session is formal or lifestyle. I really want them to be able to look back and cherish these memories, because having a child changes your life so much (maybe even more so when it's not your first, I've been told). Your family dynamic changes, and it's nice to have a memory of what life was like before that change.

If you're expecting, it's never too early to start planning maternity photos - you should plan on scheduling them between 30-35 weeks. After 35 weeks you're usually too tired and, at least in my case (and probably many other women), you might be dealing with swelling and more discomfort than you'd want for a long photo shoot. Don't wait until the last minute to schedule either, you'll have so much on your mind during pregnancy, getting your session scheduled is an easy task that you can take care of early!

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