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A Social Distancing Graduation!!

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

As I sit to write this, I peek at my phone and see we are on day 79 of being home (my "count up" starts on the first day my husband started working from home full time)... 79 long days. We are still hanging in there and we still realize how blessed we are, we are all healthy, my husband is still able to work, he's been able to spend more time with his family and watch little G hit so many milestones - things that otherwise wouldn't have happened. As fortunate as we are, I'm still sad about certain things - like C missing his friends and socializing with other kids, and C missing out on his pre-k graduation and his last 3 months of school this year. At first I felt so sad and angry he wouldn't get his pre-k graduation, but after thinking about it, I realized that while it seems like a big deal to ME, he probably doesn't even realize what he's missing out on... Plus, he will have many transitional graduations to look forward to as he goes through the school system. The people who are really missing out are the high school and college seniors who have missed important things like proms and graduations that they've worked for so long to achieve. I was lucky enough to be invited to help a 2020 high school graduate (my next door neighbor, Celia) celebrate her accomplishment as her family threw her their very own DIY graduation ceremony last week.

Celia's sister (Grace) and friend (Hope) coordinated the whole event. We gathered in our next door neighbors yard along with some of our other neighbors, and spread our families out to keep social distancing. There were programs made, which made it feel like such an official event. The whole event was so fun and lighthearted, considering everything going on. I'm sure this was certainly NOT the graduation ceremony that Celia imagined, but her family made the best of it.

The whole ceremony was great, there were amazing decorations (including a FatHead printed of Celia's face during flamenco dancing lessons), a homemade podium (which I believe was actually a mini pool table), they had their brother (Luke) dressed in his Boy Scout uniform raise the flags, there were speeches made by her parents, awards presented, and finally a presentation of a diploma.

The whole thing was so well done, it made me so happy to be involved in it (and to get to capture the memories of this REALLY weird time in our lives). While this may not have been the graduation ceremony that Celia imagined attending when this school year started, she sure will remember this event, and how amazing her family is for putting this together for her.

Of course, after the ceremony we did a little graduation themed #frontstepsproject photo shoot. I'm glad to have something so fun and positive to share with all of you for one

Congratulations to ALL of the 2020 graduates! You did it! And this is certainly a senior year you'll never forget!

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