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Family Sessions

My family sessions are designed to be as stress free as possible. To alleviate the stress of coordinating outfits, I have a style guide and am always available to consult on outfit choices. Many parents are nervous about their children cooperating during sessions, by using prompts and lifestyle posing it allows your family to relax and engage with each other (instead of worrying about smiling perfectly for the camera). You will feel nothing but joy about the quality time your family spends together during the session and will have beautiful images to remember them by. 


For the spouses/partners/kids that aren't a fan of cooperating for photo shoots - we absolutely don't need to use the whole hour for the session! While the hour is ideal, to ensure we capture all the memories, we can definitely accomplish it in a shorter time if that's what your family needs! 


The flow of the sessions are very casual and laid back, so no one feels the pressure of perfection during the session, because, let's face it, life isn't perfect, but that's what makes it so beautiful. 

Session prices starting at $400.

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