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Senior Portraits

Senior year of high school is such an important milestone, but it's also a stressful year. Everyone is asking you what your plans are after high school, but all you're worried about is enjoying your senior year. Your senior portrait is such an important photo, it will be something you look back on years later & you will be flooded with memories of the end of your high school career. Don't let your senior portrait session be stressful! Using things like pre-session questionnaires and lifestyle prompting you can get out of your head, and really enjoy your session!


You're welcome to bring any items that represent your high school career (and instrument you play, sports equipment , a paintbrush, anything that might represent you and make you comfortable) to be included in some of your photos. Sessions allow time for outfit changes or not. I offer petite sessions for seniors who aren't really into the senior portrait session idea, but need a few pictures for their yearbook and to keep their parents happy! 

Petite Senior Sessions start at $325

Full Senior Sessions start at $525

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