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Small Business Content Package

Are you a small business owner or personal brand?

Do you have an online presence on social media or a website?

Do you feel like you're always using the same photos in your online or printed content?

Do you have seasonal offerings, but struggle to keep up with the content creation for it all?

Do you regularly hire throughout the year, and want amazing photos of your staff for your website?

As a small business owner who works with many other small business owners, I know how important it is to have a variety of content for your social media, website and print ads.

It can also be challenging to make time for creating content, so I've tried making it as easy as possible!! 

My newest offer was created to empower small business owners and allow them to have flexible content photos created throughout the year for them to use in any of their social media or marketing efforts! 


Included in the offer:

  • (4) 30 minute photo sessions in a 12 month period

  • 30 minute prep call for each session

  • 5 digital images included with each session (with the option to purchase additional images)

  • 1 Canva image design for your brand materials

  • Peace of mind knowing that you've got fresh content coming every few months!

Total Investment = $1,200.00

*payment plans available, discount for payment in full*


Click the phone above to schedule a discovery call

**There are a limited number of spots available each month, book your discovery call today so you don't miss out!**

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