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Favorite Non-Photography Gifts & Products

Everyone loved my favorite photography gifts & products so much, I thought I make a page with some of my favorite Amazon products in general! I'm no Oprah, but here's some of my favorite things! I realize this list is SO random, but these are the things I thought of when I thought of some of my favorite recurring Amazon purchases! 

**I'm an Amazon Associate and eligible for commissions on purchases made through these links**

Loop Engage Earplugs - These earplugs are a must have if you're a parent that gets overstimulated at times. These earplugs block out the outside noises, but allow you to communicate with the people around you. They're really amazing and sometimes when I wear them I feel like they're "not really working" that well & then I take them out and realize how much sound they're actually blocking and I'm amazed. They've really helped this momma not get too overwhelmed when out and about with my littles. 

Sourdough Bread Kit - If you've been following me lately - you know I've gotten into the sourdough bread making life. This kit was the perfect thing to get me started with all of the tools I needed, at a great price (and as of when I'm adding this to my site, there's even a 10% off coupon)! 

FriXion Pens by Pilot - I know I know, pens don't seem that exciting, but hear me out... These pens write well, they come in SO many fun colors, and best of all they're erasable!!! As a warning - the eraser works by heat friction, so if you leave your writing in a hot space for too long, your writing will disappear, but I still LOVE these pens!

Keracolor Color Depositing Conditioner - if you've met me any time in the past 3 years, you know I have a love for fun colored hair. I do get my hair professionally done, because it's super dark, but I use this conditioner between appointments to keep my colors nice & vibrant! 

Puracy Surface Cleaning Concentrate - I always get complements on the cleaning spray I use & I can't take any credit for it. Someone told me about this brand & I really love this concentrate!

Reverse Coloring Book - This is honestly one of my favorite ways to relax. It sounds confusing, but it's literally just colored pages (with watercolor, I assume) and YOU add lines wherever you want! The best part is, there is literally no way to mess it up, so for a recovering perfectionist, like me, this is perfect! 

IQMix Electrolyte Packets (Blood Orange Flavor) - I live off of this stuff. After suffering from some heart issues in 2023, I learned I needed to more sodium & electrolytes in my life and IQMix ended up being my favorite add in that I tried! The blood orange flavor is by far my favorite!

Magnetic Chess Game - I got this for our family for Christmas and it's so simple and so fun! It's a great game to play to get everyone together without screens! 

MAC Utility Folding Wagon - This is a must have for me as a mom for our beach trips - it handles pretty well in the sand & has a fold up table on the end with cup holders! 

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