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Is A Mini Session The Right Choice For Me?

Fall photo season is upon us and ads for mini sessions are being posted on the regular. How do you decide if a mini session is the right kind of session for your family? Let me help!

My mini sessions run 10 minutes in length. I’ve done longer mini sessions, but have found that 10 minutes is a great length for mini sessions. These sessions are supposed to be fast and fun! Mini sessions are a fantastic way to capture some quick memories, but they’re definitely not for everyone.

Here are some of the reasons you may want to choose a mini session:

  • You have older kids who don’t really love the idea of family photos, so you opt for a mini session because it’s quick and painless for everyone

  • You have young kids who have limited attention spans and you need to update your family photos

  • You only do family photos for your holiday card and just need a few images

  • you want a fabulous photo experience, but are on a tight budget

Here are some reasons you may not want to book a mini sessions:

  • Your kids are incredibly shy and take a while to warm up around new people. A better idea would be booking a full session, as then you have a longer time with me for your kids to warm up

  • You are looking to wear multiple outfits for your photos. If you’re looking to do multiple outfits, my regular sessions are perfect! I’ve found one hour allows for 3 outfits (or more depending on the session venue)

  • You have more than 7 people in your family. For larger family sessions I recommend booking the Platinum session as this includes the most images and allows for plenty of time posing the group and making sure we capture different groupings!

If you've read this far and have decided to move forward with a mini session, here’s what you can expect: I generally will have 2-3 areas for shooting, so you’ll have a little variety in the photos. We move as quickly as possible using posing and prompting to get genuine smiles in your photos. I allow for a couple of different groupings at each spot (whole family, just kids, and if time permits, other groupings). After your session you receive a proof gallery, and select your final digital images from there. If you love more than what’s included in your Mini Session Package, you are welcome to purchase additional images. The images are finalized, the watermark is removed and they’re sent to you for downloading. Not of all my mini sessions include holiday setups, but I'm always happy to bring along a few holiday props if you let me know in advance of the session that you're interested in holiday themed photos. For example, for the 2021 Mini Session Season, my Christmas Tree Farm Mini Sessions will have 1-2 areas with holiday setups and then have opportunities for photos without any holiday decor.

If you’ve made it this far and still can’t decide which session to book, we should probably chat and I can help you decide. Email me at so we can set up a time to chat!

If you’re ready to book, check out this link for mini session dates!

I look forward to capturing some amazing memories for your family!

Thanks for stopping by!


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