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A Weekend of Newborns... Part 1 <3

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

My last post was Shannon's maternity session, and I mentioned that it was a little late and the baby had already been born. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this little love when she was only 8 days old! She was both sleepy and alert during our session and perfectly adorable. We did the session in Shannon's home, because it was extremely hot and sunny that day and poor conditions for a newborn to be outside. Their home is gorgeous and their bedroom has tons of natural light, so that's where we headed for the session.

You might remember the big sister, or little Diva as her parents lovingly call her, she's usually a very cooperative model for me, but this time not so much. I think there was a little sibling rivalry going on. When that happens in a session, I try to just work with it. Let her have a few minutes of silly photos... With toddlers, this often results in fart noises and this session was no different :-) I was able to get some pretty silly family photos, which can be equally as great as a posed portrait!

I was thrilled when I saw the bedroom and how many windows they had. I loved being able to incorporate the amazing lighting from this window into this special moment with a mama and her new baby. It was one of the only moments during the session that it was just the two of them, and it was so special. Big sister then jumped in for some loving from her mama. She was extra excited for these little moments with her parents, clearly still getting used to sharing the spotlight.

Newborns are one of the few times I will use props during my sessions and I try to keep it simple. This setup was just a basket with some pillows and a soft fur blanket setup next to a sliding glass door for extra lighting. This little lady was the first newborn that actually slept for me while I tried to pose her. Let me tell you, that makes it a LOT easier! She was so peaceful, it made me miss those days with my son.

I love photographing this family, they've always made it so easy! They're naturals in front of the camera! Even with the resistance from Diva this time around, we still managed to have a great session! One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is getting to be there for these special family moments. It makes it even more special when the clients are friends and repeat clients!

This post is called part 1 because two days after meeting this little lady, I had the opportunity to meet another adorable little lady who will be featured in the next post! Stay tuned :-)


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