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Meet Becky - Owner of Sweet Potato Shop Co.

Becky and I connected through Facebook, but not because of this blog. We connected because I was cleaning out toys and games from my kids playroom and had posted some stuff and Becky scooped it up. Through our messages, she mentioned that she is helping open the MiVillage Preschool program that will open this fall (she will be the lead teacher) and she mentioned some of the specific things they were looking for, so I went to work collecting and gathering items to donate. After sending her a message that I had a bag set aside of storage bins and other random “supplies”, Becky asked me if she could gift me a pair of earrings from her Etsy shop. Her earrings were so adorable, I had to ask her if she wanted to be a part of this series.

Becky runs her Etsy shop out of her bright and colorful craft room. She has yarns, and strings, and other things filling the room. Becky is definitely a teacher at heart - she has her PhD and was a wealth of knowledge about different school related issues I chatted with her about. You can tell she truly loves that part of her life. Here’s the thing I’ve learned during this blog series - most women are not just one thing, and that’s no different for Becky. Not only does Becky have her PhD and is helping open a new preschool here in town, she’s also a Mom and a super crafty lady running her own little Etsy shop! Her Etsy shop focuses mostly on Earrings, but being in her workspace in her house, I could tell her crafting doesn’t end there. She had some beautiful detailed embroidery hanging on the wall and she had SO much yarn, I can only imagine the things she creates.

I loved her Etsy shop when I first saw it, because it’s so fun. Her earring designs are so adorable - she has things like cameras (which you may have seen featured in one of my Instagram stories), there are animals, and campers, and planets, and space men! They’re all really fun! She also can turn her charms into stitch markers and zipper pulls, if you’re not an earring wearer!

The week I interviewed Becky it was pretty hectic and I had forgotten to send her the questions beforehand, so we removed the “tell me a little about yourself” question, since she covered that during our meeting. Keep scrolling to see some of her awesome earring creations how she answered the rest of the questions!

1. What’s the name of your business and where is your business located? My business is Sweet Potato Shop Co. and you can find it on Etsy here

2. What type of business is it? I make and sell sweet and quirky earrings!

3. What has your biggest challenge been starting your own business? Getting going! Taking the first step is always the hardest part.

4. What is your favorite part about running your own business? Being completely in control of the creative side of things. I make what I want and that’s all I make:)

5. What is one thing you wish you knew before getting started? I wish I knew how organized I would need to be BEFORE I went live.

6. What advice do you have for anyone trying to start their own business? Talk to people. Ask for advice. Try to learn as much as you can before you start. You’ll save yourself a whole lot of trouble that way.

7. Who is your role model/who inspired you to start your own business? My grandfather, who taught me to just take the first step. And then the next one. And then the one after that.

If you haven't already - check out Becky's Etsy shop here.

Thanks for stopping by!


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